26.5mm Flares


I just received some aluminum 26.5mm flares and need some help in identifying exactly what I have.

There are two different headstamps. “irv date” and “VAW” Who are these makers. I assume these flares are all German.

What type of flare are the following:

1–26.5 x 135mm–3 red stripes on the case.

2–26.5 x 135mm–1 blue stripe on the case.

3–26.5 x 135mm–1 black stripe on the case.

4–26.5 x 150mm–1 wide white stripe–DM 516 FALLSCHIRM, GELB printed on the case.

5–26.5 x 150mm–1 wide white stripe and a yellow parachute symbol.

On #4 & #5, 1/2 of the rim is serrated. What does that mean?

How many other types of these flares are there and what are their identifying marks?

Thanks for any help.


Hi Ron,

your cartridges are:
1 czech “red rain” (6 red stars)
2 czech blue smoke
3 czech black smoke or shrapnell
4 Parachute Flare cartridge yellow DM = Deutsches Modell (German Model)
5 the same, later model

irv = Zeveta Bojkovice, Czechoslovakia
VAW = Vereinigte Aluminium-Werke Germany
1/2 of the rim serrated = white or yellow signal (plain = green, full rimmed = red)

hope, this helps


Flare–Thank you for all the information. With the DM 516 designation I assumed they were German flares. I am surprised they are Czech. Do you know if there are other types?


Hi Ron,

the number 1;2 and 3 are czech, the number 4 and 5 are german


Hi Ron,

look here



I took the liberty of cleaning up the technical poster image for the flares, and found the other one from that site and cleaned it up also. I also found a nice 7.62x39 technical poster:

The link at http://38prapor.cz/foto/rezy/ has loads of old Czech technical posters for fuses, grenades, guns and artillery/mortar shells.



the second poster shows the earlier steel cartridges like the german from WWII. There are used between 1948 and 1958.

Regards Horst


Flare & DKConfiguration–Thank you both for the FANTASTIC posters of the flares and the the 7.62x39’s.