26.5mm Signal Cartridges

I need help to identify these two cartridge makers.

ERHO is all brass and 115mm long fired case. Is it Czech? I have a Vz30 flare gun.
The other is brown card with coated steel base. Double green star load.
It is 78.5mm Loaded length. Do I read the date as 68 or 89?

Hello Ron

yes, the brass case is a Czech model 36 (Vz 36). It was produced in 1937 by R Hornsteiner in Prague (ERHO) and loaded also in 1937 by Jaroslav Velinsky in Jablunka (V). 115mm long cases were used for “Red Rain”, “White Rain” and “Green Rain” cartridges, which were signal cartridges with 8 stars.
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The second cartridge is a Russian green single star , recognizable by the two raised points on the closure cap. The cartridge was made in 1989 in the Chemical Plant Krasnozavodsk, but the manufacturer is not specified. The green edge of the case is very unusual.

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Thanks Horst. Do you have other info or a chart on Russian flare signals?
I have wanted a cartridge for years, now I have one.


Hi Ron,

you asked for russian cartridges. Here some informations about the actual stuff.

The cardboard cases with the brass head were replaced at the end of the sixties of the last century by those with a galvanized iron head. These new cartridges are technically up-to-date and manufactured in the Krasnozavodsk Chemical Plant sign consists of a triangle with an overlying angle. The cases are still impregnated with a clear coat, the cartridges have a total length between 76 and 78 mm. Illumination and signal cartridges are occasionally stamped with a single number, probably this is the code number of the acceptance official. The tried and tested since 1936 feel signs on the cap have been retained, but the range has been reduced to four signal cartridges. One of the signal cartridges is the red single-star cartridge, which has a raised point on its red-painted closure cap. This cartridge weighs (according to regulation) 42.2 g. The feeling mark on the green lacquered closure cap of the green single star cartridge consists of two raised dots. This cartridge weighs 44.3 g. The white signal cartridge has three raised dots on the cap. The weight is 44.5 g. The last of the signal cartridges, the cartridge single star yellow, is the heaviest with a weight of 50.4 g. It is provided with a raised line on the yellow cap. All signal cartridges reach a height of about 90 m at a launch angle of 80 to 90 degrees. The burning time is approximately 6.5 seconds.

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This is the information I was unable to find on Russian Signals. Fantastic.
I like the wad ID markings. Answers all my queries. I have a few Russian Flare pistols and now have to try and find some more cartridge examples. Scarce in Australia. Cheers.Ron.