26x130 Colt Flechette

A Canadian? oddment that I need information on. Does the projectile match this case? I have no info. on Colt sabot trials. GIE is General Impact Extrusion Ltd.Canada. Grey alloy case. The green 4 piece sabot has 2 smaller fins (2 more may have broken off?)
Sabot is 31mm Diam. 116mm long. 25mm approx. at base
Flechette is magnetic. 5.5mm diam. 152mm long.

Would you call this a Canadian or USA experimental assuming this cartridge is correctly matched.

Another great round Ron. Although a Canadian manufactured cases, this is a pure Colt product and that the projectile goes with the case.

I’ll have to look to see if I have a copy, but there is a nice little booklet that describes the Colt CR (constant reaction) program…or Fede will will have it.

You can find a variety of Canadian manufactured aluminum alloy cases in 30x165 and 30x173 being made in this time period for US projects.


Paul. I was told my last 2 items came from the Fred Butts collection in USA. I am the third owner. If he is still with us maybe he can give his opinion.I bought these as scarce oddments but always doubted their true identities. This is why I asked the Forum. You are very helpful. Thanks.

Some information here: http://www.bocn.co.uk/vbforum/threads/31477-Colt-CR-26-cannon-rounds

Ron - Fred is very much still with us and is a Director on the IAA Board. Are you not a member of the IAA?

I do have a copy of the Colt booklet on their 26mm Constant reaction gun system. Unfortunately there are no pictures nor drawings, but there is a written description of the AP load. How do the measurements compare?


Paul. I am in Victoria, Australia. I have seen some IAA journals lately and must rejoin after 25 years.
I have to sort out payments. New to computers but pleased with my photos and skills so far.
The colt book APT and HET data does not seem to apply to my flechette. To bdgreen- I had problems
with my joining BOCN forum so cannot open any photos yet.Nice that Fred still lives. Never met him.
I checked Gunbroker site. Some info on Colt squeeze-bores etc. Thanks.

Howdy Ron, welcome to the world of computers, you will be amazed. No more questions from Darkman! LOL. Regards Ozzi.

To ozziammo. A stir between mates. Thanks Peter. So much to learn. IAA will be confused.