27.5 mm Round

There is a cut-away of a 27.5 mm A.P. round on ebay. Can anyone tell me who made this round and for what purpose or gun it was made. Thanks, Bill

the 27.5mm “Bushmaster” cartridges.
This single barrel machine guns name is GE-127.
The ammunition was developed by Aerojet General Corporation.
There are 4 rounds HE , APDS , and simulation for both.
Read more in " The Machine Gun volume V " by Colonel George M. Chinn.

can you post a link to the ebay auction, please?

I’ve done a search and cant find it…



Here is the link: cgi.ebay.com/SECTIONED-27-5MM-In … 335a79ca8f

Thanks Jawasinger. This was the first time I had ever heard of it. Bill

Ist that only my impression or does it look much like Jason’s round?

EOD–It does say the seller is in Miami, Florida. I’m betting it is Jason.

Ron, I tried to be less direct :)