I have consulted this forum often, but just found something interesting enough to post here.
I have aquired a partially built sporter of the 1917 flavor, but the barrel has me wondering. It has the mark and name of V. Gipson, from what i have found out he was a wildcat favoring smith that had a shop here in New Salem Indiana, dates unknown but i suspect 30’s-50’s?

I have not had a chance to make a chamber cast yet, but the barrel is marked 270-4000. From the small amount of information I have found there are a few possibilities. It appears from the rear of the chamber to be based on the 300 H+H case.

I have also seen a 270-4000 Gibbs…

I guess bottom line is I won’t be able to tell much until a chamber cast is done, but it should be an interesting project for sure.


From the 1947 edition of Wildcat Cartridges by Richard Simmons his first name was Vernor, and he seems to have been a well known gunsmith among the wildcatters of the time.
here is what Simmons notes about the 270-4000
PS it seems to read the complete text you need to download the photos.


Thank You!
That is exactly what I needed to know.
Now a chamber cast and I will be able to reverse engineer some cases for it.
I looked it over with a good bore light and I do not think it has a belt, so I bet it is based on the newton case. Time will tell when the cerrosafe comes in.
Thank you so much!



I’ll look forward to the dimensional results of your chamber casting. I am curious as to how close that will be to the .270 Newton that Speer produced.