270 head stamp?

Would any one know what this head stamp on a 270 cal. Cant find any info on it… Thanks for any help… If the head stamp is not clean will try again.

Igman. Former Yugoslavia now Bosnia Herzegovina. Notorious for their very small diameter flash holes. Should you want to remove the primers, use something like a punch made for 223 Remington.

Thank you for sharing.

Thank you very much,for the info supplyed.I am greatfull that such info is sometimes allowed to
stand.Because it is already part of reloading.However speaking for myself,I shoot and reload that
Cal. occasional if I would have been in possession of these cases I would have coursed to high
heaven,by breaking the decapping pins without knowing what is going on.Eventually a person
figures it out,but only after a lot of fury and aggravation.Perhaps poeple from the industrie should
make that outfit aware that they are breaking the rules of conformatie world wide big time,but
in todays world they do give a shit as long as the make the PASTA.

I tried a Universal dicaper & work great on taking the old primers out .