.270 wildcat based on the .30 Newton case




Anyone know what these cases are?

It is a .270 based on a necked down .30 Newton case, the .30 Newton is the one in the middle.

.270 Ackley Newton, .270-4000 Niedner or just an “ordinary” .270 Newton?


This here is a 270 Newton by Speer. Your picture come up as thumb nails on my comuter so they are a bit small to compare but maybe you will wbe able to see how this compares to yours.


Thanks for the picture Will.

I do have a Speer .270 Newton and compared to these cases, the neck is shorter on the Speer case.

Does anyone have a picture of a .270-4000 Niedner?


.270 – 4000
Picture taken from page 243 of the book “Wildcat Cartridges” by Richard F Simmons


Thanks for the picture. I have got a couple of other pictures too.

So it seems like these cases are the .270-4000 Niedner.

I have a couple to trade for other Newton cases or wildcats based on them.