270 Winchester question

Once again asking for some assistance. Was the 270 Winchester ever factory loaded with FMJ bullets?

I can’t say yes for sure, but I do have three Western Super-X .270 cartridges which have FMJ spitzer bullets, with apparently CN jackets. They are most definitely not reloads. I posted the same question here over a year ago with a picture of the round and HS, but no clear answer was put forth. Maybe someone else has an opinion by now.

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I have no specific information on your cartridge but I can help with some related information. A GM FMJ loading (130 gr. Full Patch) was commercially offered by Winchester until 1937 but not by Western. The Western Super-X loadings were first listed in their 1938 catalog, but only 100 gr. S.P., 130 gr. O.P.E.B.T. and 150 gr S.P.

So I’d say that .270 Win with FMJ bullets were indeed factory loaded in various places and times, but their purpose is unclear (except maybe for certain types of hunting in Scandinavian countries). Personal opinion is that the .270 FMJ would have made an excellent military loading for the M1 Garand and the various other U. S. MGs using the .30-'06. And yes, I do know about the early work by Garand with the .276 that was killed by MacArthur.

Only FMJ I’m aware of was the W.R.A.Co. 18 headstamped ‘1st’ model.

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Tinned GM-jacketed bullet.

I have no idea about the .270, but I can tell you that many of the FMJ loads in commercial rifle cartridges were for various prison systems what were prevented by law from using any king of expanding bullet in their rifles. San Quentin Prison, Marin County, California, was forced to trade in their nice old pre-1964 .25-35 caliber Model 94 Winchester carbines because no one would make them FMJ ammunition for them anymore. Our store got them all, trading current Post-64 stamped-metal parts Model 94s in .30-30 caliber for them. The .30-30 FMJ rounds were still available to LE by one (or perhaps more) of the major companies. I do not know of any prison systems that used the .270, but it would have been a perfectly good choice, with less recoil than the .30-06 caliber and every bit as effective for the purposes at hand.

I recall that up until recently, rtgammo had a REM-UMC box listed which was .270 Win with 130 grain FMJ spitzer bullets. loaded in clips…