273 round can 30 Cal AP

I recently found some AP ammunition is a ammo can.

An image is below. Does anyone know anything about this? Why was it packed this way?

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Layer pack is basically just enough dumped in fill one layer at a time. I believe that thin cardboard sheets wree used between each layer.

The usual packing options were in 20 round cartons, or in 8 round (or earlier 5 round) clips in bandoleers. They were sometimes packed in 8 round clips without bandoleers.

Layer pack was probably for eventual loading in links, as simply cheaper and easier than messing with 20 round cartons.

That is a very seldom seen packing method, so nice can for the handful of people who get excited by that sort of stuff.


Layer pack boxes are seldom seen and most of them are for M2 AP cartridges, but they also exist for M25 Tracer and M1 Incendiary. Cartridge count could be 234, 253 or 273, depending on the load, box type and manufacturer (DEN, FA, LC, RA, SL and TW).




That is interesting, I have never seen a box like this.