275 Holland & Holland drawings

Does anyone have a copy of a 275 Holland & Holland case drawing that I can use? I would really like a copy of the Kynoch or Eley drawings and a copy of the Western drawing if anyone has them. There seems to be a difference in the bullet diameter & I would like to see for sure. The US one uses a 0.284" bullet and the British one 0.287".


Is this of any use?
Click on the image for a larger figure.


THANKS Lew! Exactly what I was looking for. Now I just need the Western drawing.

Just for interests sake I measured a sample of the 275 Hoffman magnum. This I considered to be a 275 H&H with a proprietary headstamp. The bullet just at the came mouth measures 0.277". I pulled the bullet and even the part in the case only measures 0.280".