.276 & .280 Dubiel

Looking for pictures of a .276 Dubiel and a .280 Dubiel cartridges. I think they are both considered wildcats. However I have been told that Western actually produced the .276 Dubiel for a short period of time.

Zac - I can’t help with photos but, WCC, at one time, did make the .275 Belted Magnum (H&H) which is the .276 Dubiel with a sharper shoulder. (The other way around, actually.) Maybe that’s what you were told about?

Thanks for the info. You are probably correct. I should have know that too. I have a .275 H&H and quite a few of those old WESTERN .275 H&H MAGNUM cases too.
Thanks for the PM.

Here are some photos I received from Dan.

Thanks again Dan