276 Cal?

Hello everyone, I just posted as a reply before I learned to do this the correct way, sorry if it is a repost
I just recieved a 276 Garand cartridge that has a head stamp, FA 29. I was wondering if this is the same as the
276 Pederson or ther any names or variations. From what I quess there may be three different cartridges.

Thank you to all that read this, Tony

I have a friend that has a small collection. I would like to post in buy and sell but I am having a very hard time posting pictures.
What I would like to do is forward the email with the pictures and the information he sent to me to someone that can do this for me.
I told him that I would post them on this forum, Thank you, I need a little help with this, Tony

After almost a year ago joining the IAA I have added many more cartridges to my collection. I was having a hard time trying to decide how I was going to display. So for now I have them in a bin with clear plastic drawers arranged by both size and pistol and rifle.
I have quite a few of some cartridges. I am in the process of inventoring what I have.

This may take me a little longer than I planned on, however I do have the time to it this way. Some of the cartridges with corrosion I had to clean using Brasso or a light car wax that does not remove the petina but does help to preserve what is there.

I know most will not want to hear this, for me being an aircraft mechanic I just do not like to see corrosion. One day when I have everything in order I can post what I have and what I may be looking for, Thank you to all the members and to those who made me fill at home when I first joined last Jan. I know I joined a great group here, Tony Albanese, “craftee158”

It most likely is, yes.

The case head should measure approximately .450", the case length should be approximately 2.02", the overall length approximately 2.8". In addition, the case should be well-tapered.

If it conforms to these dimensions, it is almost certainly the PD-42 version of the .276 Pedersen.

Someone asked about variations, three quick snaps of my drawers & visit Tucson to see bunches more.

What is the top row 3rd from left?

Thought to be the earliest, as it has the W.R.A.Co. 6mm USN headstamp, see HWS for more information, The two to the right of it have FA 23 headstamps, then the 25, 27 & R dates/stamps to the right of those.

in the bottom row; the ones to the right & including the one with partial base stripe / bar (15 on the case), are British variations

I knew the earliest ones were excessively tapered like that, but I did not know they were that short.