.276 inch experimental (RL18000.C.)

I have what I believe to be a bullet from the 1913 troop trials. The case is 59.8mm and the Dia of the case base is 13.41mm The bullet is 34.63 long and with a Dia of 7.19mm. The headstamp is R arrow L and nothing else. All of the above fit the description from the “British smallarms ammunition 1864-19382” by P Labbett. But my question is the bullet was held in place with 6 small crimps on all the drawings it does not show a round with six crimps. Does anyone else have this round with the six crimps?..thanks…paul.

I believe this is perfectly normal. I only have the one round in this calibre and mine also has six tiny stabs as you have mentioned. I have checked Tony E’s site and he states that the bullet is secured by six neck indents.

Thanks Jim…paul.

Don’t worry Paul it is correct I know the nice man you got it from :-)