.276 Pedersen Clip


How much are these selling for? (Empty)


There are several types of Pedersen clips both US and British. Which one is of interest?


Thanks for replying CSA, I would think it is from the USA. I am attaching an image to be sure.

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This looks like the first “production” model of the Pedersen clip. I have 12 variations documented as US production- not counting markings. This is the most common and is rarer than the ammo. This clip should retail in the US in the $50 range- empty. With 10 rounds it should sell in the $200+ range.


Some of these clips have a small mark near the “lips”, I have seen an “N” on one. You may have to look very carefully with a lens to see it.



Thanks both of you for your answers! I checked, but there are no markings visible.
So I guess I did good at $15, it is for sure a keeper.
I thought cartridges were cheaper than apparently $15.

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There are a couple of varieties of the shell. The most common one is usually offered for far more than they are worth by folks who don’t know ammo. The common ball round should be available in the $10-15 range at shows but most folks don’t have 10 to sell. Good luck.