.276 Pedersen


I have 3 .276 Peterson cartridges, each with the h/s of F A 2 9. Two have nickle primers, one has a brass primer that appears to be larger. Any ideas?



Steve - Yep, the 276 Pedersen was made with two different primer sizes, and several different case shapes.


Thanks Ray!


If the nickel-looking primers will attract a magnet they’re made of monel. This material was used for some Pedersen primers. Jack


Jack - Are you sure that Monel is magnetic?



Ray: Apparently all monel isn’t, but I did test–at least I persuade myself I did–my specimen with the nickel-looking primer and the magnet went for it. Apparently some nickel alloys can exhibit this quality and others not so different in composition will not. Jack


My two nickle primers are magnetic also…



You need to buy , Woodin,Hackley and Scranton Vol 1.


I would love too have that book[s], just have to balance getting cartridges or reference material, you can guess which one wins!



Buy the books FIRST.


I know, that’s the smart thing to do, but…