276 pedersen

I have recently received a 276 pedersen round.Since I know that several variations of this cartridge exist,I would like to know the correct military denomination of my round:

rim diam:11,34 mm (.447")
base diam:11,31 mm (.445")
case lenght:51,34 mm (2.021")
OAL :71,96 mm (2,833")

Pivi, what is the headstamp of your cartridge?
I have a British round which is the ‘.276" Pedersen Ball’ and I have a US round which is ‘.276" Pedersen Semi-Auto Rifle’.


I’m far from an expert on the Pedersen but I think most Frankford Arsenal boxes were labeled simply, 20 CARTRIDGES, BALL CALIBER .276. Some of the very early boxes had the additional wording, PEDERSEN SEMI AUTO RIFLE.

Cartridges were also loaded in the UK by Kynoch.

You are correct, there are several variations. The dimensions that you gave could describe more than one. More important things would be headstamp, primer size, shoulder location and diameter, bullet type, etc.

There are also several threads on the Forum that you should search and read.

Sorry I can’t be more help.


Headstamp: F A 29
lenght to shoulder approx:42,22 mm
shoulder diam:9,77 mm
shoulder lenght approx:3,20 mm
neck lenght approx:5,92 mm


That appears to be the most common of the bunch.

Large or small primer??


As a footnote, I can’t help but throw this in - because of the large quantity of both cartridges and empty cases that were available after the project was terminated, the case was the basis for a couple of wildcats. In hindsight, it turns out that the case was a very good design, far ahead of it’s time.

Sorry guys. certified wildcatters cannot resist an opportunity to discuss their specialty.


Thanks Ray & Jim,
the primer diameter is about 5 mm.
Does anybody know the military code of my sample?


Top left box.

It is difficult to know which cartridge type of .276 Pedersen you have because there were so many experimental types. But based on the headstamp and the primer dimension, I am guessing it is either the PD-42 or the FB-9892. I am leaning to the PD-42 due to the primer diameter. Smaller primers were made from monel with a diameter of 0.1765 inches or 4.48mm.

The cartridges in the box above are the FB-9892 but there is not much difference between the PD-42 and the FB-9892 dimensionally.

If I am incorrect I hope someone will correct me.


The .276 Pedersen was also loaded by Greenwood & Batley - with bullet variations. I tapped the bullet out of one of my Kynoch rds - and it weighs 160 grains - YES 160 Grains!! Why?? Can find no reference to this weight .276 bullet in US or UK documentation. No - it’s not a Proof round - both types used 125 gr bullets. JP-C