.276 Pederson Box question


This is the only box of 276 Pederson I have seen that is not from Lot 21 or 23. The box is full and all rounds are headstamped F A 25. Any ideas what price range it would fall into? The box is not for sale, I am just curious.


Ooh, I’ve never seen a box or headstamp that early. Nice find.


That box is a great find! Pedersen didn’t start working on the design until late 1924, I think. And the rifle wasn’t perfected until a year or two later.



Thanks guys! Amazingly enough, I found this box at a gun show in Savannah GA about two years ago. There was a fellow in the corner with a dozen or more milk crates full of old ammo boxes. Me being me I started digging through them, and I bet just about every one else on this board would have too. It took a couple of hours to do so. I found a 30 Pederson box in the forth or fifth crate (photo of it below) got excited about that and started poking around some more. Found this in the last crate I went through. They had no price on them and I was wondering if I would have to sell a kidney to get them. After looking them over the gentleman (I don