.276 T2 "New Design"

According to HWS Vol I, about 2,500 rounds of the “New Design” of .276 cal ammunition with the .470" case head were made for testing. Do these ever pop up on the collector market?



I’ve never seen either of the T2 cartridges. Got photo or know who may have them?


Ray, ask & you shall receive (sometimes)
Hot off the desktop, head of the T2.

Bog-standard .276 top, Semi-rimmed in the middle & on the bottom is the T2

Thanks Pete. I’ll have to pay more attention. They look very much alike.


Oh great, I’ll have to keep a lookout for one of those. I quite want one.


The neck is the give-away if you don’t have a pair of calipers handy.

My F A 30 example (on the right) looks as if it is loaded with a different projectile as no crimping cannelure is visible.