28-30 Bore query

I have a shotgun round I can find no info on ,all brass case with headstamp NOBEL’s No 28 ELEY BALLISTITE all prety easy so far, now the case is reduced from about 1/3 from the base to the neck to .576 the head is .620 (looks like a smaller version of the 12-14 Greener police gun round ) at the neck you can see the cream coloured paper liner which is turned over to hold in the plain White wad ,what do I have ? I have called it a 28-30 bore ,I know there are other reduced bore shotshells but can find nothing on this one Thanks Randy

Incredible Randy - you answered my question before I asked it!! Last year found this Kynoch drawing - not my collecting area - but it’s an unusual calibre designation so want to know more. Now I know it exists - any chance of a picture? Would appear then to be a special calibre for Alex Martin - the Scottish gunsmiths?? Any more info out there? Regards JohnP-C.[/img]

Hi John , thanks for the info, I actually traded this round about 10 years ago from a friend in England he had no idea what it was and the only one he had seen ,I din’t have any way of sending a picture myself but I have a friend who may be able to do it for me I will see what I can arrange , Randy

Is thiat your shell ?

Hello Jean-pierre ,it certainly looks like it ,what is the headstamp on yours do you have any more info thanks

This kind of round can also have different hstp (Greener, and so on)

This round is unfortunately not mine.
I am looking for this round for my collection, either with Nobel hstp, either with another headstamp (if possible like a NPE and not a loaded round).
If somebody has one to trade , I have a lot of good shotshells as duplicates.

FWIW… I believe those are 2" mortar cartridges.

??? !!!
You think they are 2" mortar ctges ??? !!!


Sorry… should read more before engaging mouth…

Most of the 28 Ga Balllistite cartridges I have seen are used in igniting 2" Mortar rounds. Their hulls are paper.
This one appears metallic…

Sorry for the confusion.

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The mortar shells I know are straight, with a paper tube, and have no recess in diameter.
The French ones and the Italian ones (at least the ones I have in my collection) have an increase of diameter tube close to the base in order of not be able to chamber the round in a shotgun.
Do you collect mortar shells ?

I have the same Nobels 28 ga Ballistite necked NPE shell in my collection. As I recall, mine has a yellow paper liner. Total length of the shell is 2.287". Unfortunately, I have only the one.

[quote=“Guy Hildebrand”]I
Unfortunately, I have only the one.[/quote]

Hi !
I found some since my first post;
Byt still looking with the one with Greener hstp.