.28 and .30 Cal unidentified

The notes I have with these cartridges state that they were originally from Bill Woodin via the collection of the late Peter Skala. They have been floating around in the unidentified tray for a long time and I have not been able to find any info either in the ECRA Database or HWS.

The fist has a note on the cartridge stating “28 US EXP” I cannot make out if the number above is 19510 or #510. The bullet is GM non-magnetic with a small hollow tip. The headstamp was removed, but the original was FA 38 NM.

30%20XPL%20FAL%2043 30%20XPL%20FAL%2043%20FULL
The second is a steel case with the Zinc coated P4 primer. It has the FAL headstamp as discussed in HWS 2 p. 63

62%20X%2074%20EXPELLABLE 62%20X%2074%20EXPELLABLE%20FULL
The last specimen is noted in the ECRA database as a .30 private proposal to WRA (08 080 BLC 010)


Howdy Daan,
sorry I can’t help 1st two but I do have these two which are the same as your last but both have been fired.
the 2nd rimless grooveles example (middle) has its inner sleeve loose and it is shown at the bottom.These came from the Dick Rainbolt collection & I’ve asked Bob R, (he once ran the Winchester line & collects shotshells) about them & he could tell me very little other than it was a private proposal. Neat to see a loaded example.
The upper has a brass primer bushing as yours does, but it’s off-center and so the primer has been struck off center, the rimless grooveless has an aluminum primer bushing which is also not centered, & that probably causing the cracks in both the cases.

edited to add the “rim” diamater on both is .516"/ 517" hard to accurately measure with the splits / cracks, It seems the rimless grooveless does not have a rim undercut / extraction groove, but is otherwse the same.

Daan - to me the top case note reads “M510 38 US”. Not sure that is of any help though.