.28 Cupfire Variant or Something Else?


While this cartridge does align with your typical .28 cupfire cartridge, the cup is centered and very shallow. Is this another type of cartridge? OAL: .891" D .270"


Please see here:



Thanks for that. I was pretty sure it is a Moffat cartridge but I really didn’t want to throw it out there so to speak.


Hi Ian,

In the past, this cartridge has been tentatively identified as being based on the Moffat’s patent, but this is not correct. This design is covered by a patent assigned to Stephen S. Wood, the problem is that it was not filled in the States but in England (No. 309, 1865). Here is an abridgement:


Note that these cartridges are fired by means of a firing pin striking the outside of the base, not the inside like a regular cup-fire cartridge.

A related US patent is number 41,803 (41803.pdf) but to my knowledge no one has ever found one of these front ingnition cartridges. However, this illustrates how your cartridge was ignited.





Sorry for the late reply. I just returned from vacation and had time to read your response. I too was thinking it was a Moffat cartridge but I see from the patent information that was incorrect. Thanks for the clarification.