28 g flare ? or "launcher" (yes in bad shape)

Hi Pepper!
You have a 15 mm eldmarkeringsptr fm/54, a simulation cartridge trial model 54. It is built on a shorted shotgun cartridge. The standard m/54 cartridge looks the same, but with a different bottom stamp.
It is used for the “eldmarkeringsapparat” “live fire simulator” model 2 and 3 and also for GRG training weapon 2. The model 2 and 3 (if I remember it right) is a multi barrel box placed on the barrel of a tank. A cable is connected to a fiering device, to simulate that the tank is using the main gun.

The cartridge is loaded with black powder and magnesium.

The modern m/54 has a all plastic case, in blue colour.

1960-1 1960-2

I showed a similar cartridge in 2018;

I notice that my case is also starting to swell.
Should I drill a hole in the side and remove the powder or whatever contents?
I realise inerting should not be discussed but does it just contain powder or flare compound?
I prefer toleave the crimp intact. I do not want a split case as shown above.

Here is the firing device mounted on a gun tube mentioned by Amkat.

Thanks to both of you. It fits my love of “special purpose”. I would have never known what to search for to find the old post. I might scrape out a bit of my “swelling”

I love the Forum. World wide social distancing at its best