28 Gauge Brenneke -socalled "New Modell" from before 1930

I Show copy of box and slugs

I use the timeframe “before 1930”, because in 1930 they have again a new Modell, than with 12 longitudenal ribs and a raised nose in front of the bullet.
Otherwise same construction, except they have a raised markings around the raised bullet nose, which reads than 20 Orig.Brenneke 20 Mod.1930
Pics from this I will publish later…


I do have the same in Calibre 20 and 24 Gauge

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Very neat box Peter, 1st box of these I’ve seen.
I have one of the Neues Model slugs in a 20 ga.
But I’m confused about the times these were marketed. So when was the first & as some of these are marked after 1930 but are not the Neue Model, I’m confused.
1st photos below of two bases both have raised “ORIGINAL BRENNEKE 12” text on the nose.
Now this photo of three slugs from left to right have the following raised text on the nose.
“Orig. Brenneke 12 Mod.1930 12”
“ORIG. BRENNEKE 16 Mod.1930/32 16”
“Orig. Brenneke 16 Modell 1935 16”
Now the profiles in 2 groups.

After thinking more perhaps this Neues Model was brought out before 1930 but the Original was improved as the 1930/32 & then the 1935 ?