28 gauge dummy


The label going around says:“Manufactured by Jesse B. Edwards Herbert St., Alton, IL 62002 Patent #3,604,136”. What’s so special that it required a patent?



I believe that this is only part of the device in this patent. The patent drawing shows a similar cartridge “dummy” attached to a rod. The fiber packing I’ll bet is just filler. This was probably used as a snap cap.
The device could have been used in pump, semi-auto and the bottom barrel of an over/under.


This is too brainy for me. What is gun balance and counter balance? Why does one need to balance a shot gun? I have another identical dummy without a sticker, both have firing pin marks, maybe this helps?


Skeet/Trap shooters are weird for tweaked guns, this appears to be a way of adding weight for use in trap. Some shooters use weighted forends, sometimes there’s a weight inside the stock (tubes filled with mercury or tungsten). This piece is particularly interesting because you can specifically position your weight, balancing the gun to suit personal needs. Because it is basically a dummy cartridge, it will fit inside the tube of a pump gun (or semi-auto with a cut-off switch) or an over-under.

I say to heck with all that crap, just shoot the darn gun and get used to it.

Either way, that’s a neat piece!


Clay target shooters are always looking for an edge. gun fit is important to consistently breaking targets. A gun that is too butt heavy will not swing, mount or follow through correctly and too muzzle heavy can cause too much gun speed once you get it moving. CSMC in New Britain , CT. has a similar adjustable weight system built in to the butt stock of the A-10 sporting clays shotgun as well as adjustable weights under the forearm. Does it all matter? If it improves your scores I guess so. The firing pin marks are probably because it was used in an O/U for a snap cap. As Strelok says , clay target shooters will come up with some strange and not so strange ideas that they think will add X’s on the score sheet. Go to a ATA trap shoot if you want to see some shotguns that don’t even resemble guns.


Erector sets for stocks, Golden Gate Bridge for vented ribs, and with a comparable price tag to boot.


Hi Vlad,

It is a snap cap using the same construction as the patent cartridge. It was advertised from the late 70’s to early 80’s.