28 gauge shotgun shells


I found a box of 28 gauge shotgun shells in a cupboard. I was wondering if anyone would know if they or the box is an item that would interest any one. They are paper shells cannot make out what size shot they have in them. The box says Winchester repeating arms on it New Haven Conn. The box is brittle and faded.It looks like it was white and has some yellow in the background.
I think the yellow was part of a design on the label.
Does any one use 28 gauge anymore? Should I destroy them or does anyone think that they are worth passing on to someone?


What is the headstamp?


Sorry about the vague description. The head stamp has Winchester on the top and Repeater on the bottom of the shell base.There is also 28 on the left in the middle of the stamp and ga. on the left.
The label on the box top has Winchester on the top line ,Repeater (in blue)
in large letters in the middle of the label with Paper Shot Shells below this line written in capital letters. The bottom line in smaller writing states manufactured and loaded by Winchester repeating arms company New Haven Conn.
The front of the label says Winchester in capital letters on the top line and has a picture of 2 shotgun rounds crossing over one another with loaded written below them in small writing.
The bottom line says Repeater .
The back of the label is almost a duplicate of the top of the box. It did state the load but you cannot read it. The only 2 other markings on this panel are
NO 100h and 13/? cannot make out what the 3 is over.
There is a thin red border line that goes around all the writing on all 3 panels.
The side panels of the box lid has nothing on it.
All the shells are in the box standing on the over paper disc at the end of the shell. There is writing on this I can make out the word Dupon and there is other numbers which are really light and hard to read.
All the shells are a light orange color.
Hope this a more useful description