28 Ross?

Recently examined a 28 Ross ctg loaded with a pointed CN copper tip bullet, hs usual .Ross. E. Was this ctg ever loaded with other than round nose bullets?

I am inquiring about the 28 Ross ctg, the predecessor of the 280 Ross. The 28 was based on the 30-03 ctg with a semi rim added and the shoulder set forward. Ross quickly abandoned it because it would not reach 3000 fps.
The bt in the 28 case is similar if not the same as the one loaded in the 280 Ross which you mention.

Orange, there are two loadings confirmed by boxes (180 gr. round nose CN & 160 gr. round nose CN hollow point) and the one you mention loaded with a Ross patent “Copper Tube Expanding” bullet.

Fede thank you for the reply. Can I assume this one loaded with the Ross copper tube bt is genuine?

I can’t say if its genuine or not but one of these rounds is illustrated in the ECRA caliber database. The earliest patent application for this bullet was filled early in 1909 which could mean that, if genuine, it would be a late loading when this design was already abandoned.

These are the US and British patent drawings:

I cannot see production of this ctg with this bullet in 1909 since it had been abandoned by 1907 and only 2-3 rifles made for the 28 Ross ctg. Looks like a put together.

I am the owner of the cartridge shown in the ECRA database and although I can’t say for sure if it is a “put together” or not I have compared it closely with a 280 Ross , also by Eley, and there are some differences - the tip is quite crudely made made (in comparison to the 280 Ross), something one would expect if it was a prototype or early production and the other main difference is that the tip is blunter than that of a typical 280 Ross, difficult to see on the picture but, with both in hand, easy to feel. The 28 Ross has 3 very fine neck cracks and the bullet has been heavily staked to keep it in place.