.280, .298, and .400 Westley Richards cartridiges

I have seen references to a .280 and a .298 Westley Richards cartridge. Do they actually exist? If so, does anyone know the date they were introduced?

I saw a head stamp for a .400 Westley Richards cartridge. Is this dimensionally distinct from the .400/360 Westley Richards? Does anyone know when it was introduced?

Lot 453 in my last sale was a .400
{I should add there are reproductions / fake / replicas what ever you want to call them made in South Africa that are very good and not marked as such. So beware buying one of these.}

There is also a .400 3" flanged with a Westley’s headstamp & the .400/.360 comes in 5 different but very slight variations by the various gunmakers & ammunition makers who chambered it.
There is a .280 Ross with a Westley’s headstamp.
280 Ross by WR
Look up the .298 W.R. Mineaux relatively common
No idea of dates.

I have in my notes that the 280 WR was introduced circa 1911 an the 298 WR Miniature Express launched in 1908. These are just notes from research but I lost the source in a PC crash several years ago, so please just use as a suggested date and not concrete until someone can confirm or correct please.

280 WR
280 westley richards
298 WR Minex

400 Westley Richards I have in my notes as introduced in 1882.
westley richards 400
400 Westley Richards 1
rim is 0.660 and the base is 0.523. The 400-360 is same length but the rim is 0.520 and base 0.466.

360 400 wr

To complete my comment fake / replica / reproduction on the left & real on the right.400 wr hs

Pete, please verify.
The right looks more repro to me.

Thanks Pete and Curtis, as always you guys are very helpful!
I agree with Dan, the right hand cartridge looks fake, with machine marks on the base and numbers look machined instead of stamped. Pete can you confirm?

My OTHER left Dan, yes repro is on the right