.280/30 British Experimentals with odd bullets

I have 2 British .280/30 Experimental rounds with odd bullets.

  1. Fired case, headstamped "RG 51 .280/30. Fitted with turned brass bullet. Bullet loose in case, making it suspect.

  2. New, unfired case, headstamped "RG 51 .280/30. Fitted with CN FMJ steel cored bullet. Looks factory made.

Any info on either of these would be helpful.

The fired case with the turned brass bullet was probably made up as a dummy round, but without looking at it i cannot be sure. I did not see it at Bisley on saturday.

The other round with the CN bullet is not unusual, as this round was to have become the “Cartridge SA 7mm Mark I”. The bullet is the Belgian (FN) S12 bullet, frequently referred to in the UK as the “Continental Mauser” bullet. When loaded with a slightly less deep seated bullet it became the 7mm Optimum round.

Tony E

Cheers Tony, I will post photos of the 2 rounds.

Here are the 2 rounds: Turned brass bullet on left, CNCS on right.