280/30 rim profile (& UK 7.62 x 51 color code question)

I love my color tipped rounds and this 280/30 green tipped factory dummy qualifies. While reconciling my computer database inventory I thought I had discovered a duplicate (and may still be a duplicate), but I noticed the variation of the rim profile…and ask you all…does it have any significance?

Of the 2 dozen 280

A list of those 7.62s would be really helpful.
Ive got 26 different British experimental tracer rounds. Ive got a couple of projectile numbers from the packets they came out of along with a couple of propellant weights but most of them are still a mystery.

I also checked all my 280s and 280/30s. All of mine have a very small bevel on them apart from the alloy cased 280s which have none.
Nothing as large as yours thou

The best info I know of is the technical ammunition guide written by mr. Labbett & mr. Mead. It deals about all the 7mm variations. it is also listed in the bibliography of the IAA website http://www.cartridgecollectors.org/bibliography.htm

I have on my own website also a page about the .280" which can be found here

hope this helps…


I picked up another 280/30 green tipped drill round on my trip to Australia last week. It has a larger bevel on the rim, larger than any of my others.
However its still not quite as large as yours.
I should have a different dummy arriving in a month or so will compare when it arrives.