.280 or .280-30 chromed indented drill round

Whilst going through .280 & .280-30 drawings I came across a drawing of a drill round with 3 indents in the case and has the words “to be fully chromium plated” on the drawing has anyone got one of these chromed drill rounds or a photo of one.

many thanks

I have a good collection of them, and I’ve also seen a couple of great collections. That said, I have never seen or heard of an example as you described.


here is the drawing it is from Tonys reference collection and was in a folder full of 280 drawings, I have never seen a drill round or a case like this so I guess they never actually made any.


Never say never. None have been seen or documented, but one always hopes.

I know it is another one for the list, there is a lot of information and drawings on the trials in the reference collection I am getting digitized it is fascinating reading all the range data and meeting minuites on the trials but the bullet drawings are great.


As this case type was so close to being adopted / patterned perhaps this was drawn to get ahead of the curve when it would be adopted?

“None have been seen or documented, but one always hopes.”