.280 uk?


Two otherwise identical .280 UK Observation rounds; GMCS, brass case and primer, ring crimp, purple annulus, (RG 48 .280). Is there any reason for the significant difference in the tip color application?


I think these are just two different batches, although there is a possibility that the one with the longer red tip is a Kynoch bullet loaded by RG. I have both, but I would say that the small red tip is the one more often found on RG cases.

As you probably know, when the 280/30 became the 7mm Mark 1z with the “Continental Mauser” CN bullet a small red tip was used to denote a proof round.



Thanks, Tony, that was what I was thinking. But you keep both as a variation? Hmmmmm…I guess I should too.
Would the later CN red tip proof have the 7mm MkIZ headstamp, or could they also be found on Belgian or earlier 280/30 cases?