28mm Signal Licht, PT, gelb, Hand


Here pics from the handheld Signalflares (PT = Pyrotechnik, yellow), made 1991 by PPF (Piepenbrock-Feistel Göllheim) as Erprobungsmuster 5 (Test sample) E-5,
yellow plasticfrontring with half serrated edges as nightmarker for yellow. The firing unit with the springloaded firing pin is screwed into the base of the Body with the ejector load. This screwed base also held a woven handsling (here missing), which had to be worn on the handwrist to keep a little bit control of the device…
the firing shock is quiet violent and can harm your handwrist, if not strongly holded…
Before use, the khaki plastic-cap had to be removed and a Splint (like on a handgrande) had to be taken off…and immediatelly ignited the device and fired…
So, a lot of care is needed, not to fire on your self…:-))

Have fun

some more Details from the firing part (Plaste cap, Ring to take the security away and firing the device, primer insert from DAG (so headstamped)


During my military service at artillery school (early seventies) I fired a number of similar hand signals. Recoil was strong but in my view not violent. I never feared for my wrist, but the sling you mention was definitely necessary. To me they seemed weaker than ordinary signal pistol ammunition: pyrotechnics usually still burned when hitting the ground, while those from the signal pistol nearly always burned out before hitting the ground (if launched vertically).


And never use any hand held flare launcher when it is expired!