297 / 230 Lancaster Sporting


I received a sample of this caliber , that is very similar to the 297 / 230 Morris short, but with a slightly higher shoulder.

What was the purpose of this cartridge? Adaptors? Revolvers?



Municion.org reports that this cartridge was used as an adaptor cartridge for shooting practice in 577 / 450 MH and 303 British rifles and in 455 Revolver’s as well


Although slightly dimensionally different from the Morris it it to all intents and purposes the Morris cartridge rebranded (hijacked?) by Lancaster* a British Gunsmith.
The Morris was a military sub calibre trainer which had a few years as a popular civilian calibre as well. Presumably designed by some officer called morris, as it was the convention in those days to attach the inventors name to such things.

Lancaster’s involvement with the calibre appears to have been short lived. In its Lancaster incarnation it would have been purely civilian

  • Charles Lancaster, 151 Bond St, London. Rifle Maker