297/230 Long Morris

Interesting headstamp for 297/230 Long Morris.

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It is M in circle? If yes it means Municka Bratislava. It is an old cardidge from czechoslovakia. It’s not common cardidge. I see it first time out of drawings of paper. Nice piece…:-)

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Is that a “56” date or a badly printed “36”…The Circle M stamp was only from 1931(?) To 1935 when it became circle z. Or simply Z.
Formerly the Jiri Roth factory of G.Roth Vienna.

The caliber was still being made in Britain and the continent up to WWII.

Case Berdan, small primer…may be smaller than 4,5 mm ( 0.177").
Doc AV

It does not look like a M in circle to me, and I presume the 5 6 is 5.6mm…
Is it an empty case or does it have a charge?


You are correct
m in circle
Metric designation for for 297/230 long Morris
I picked these up at Czech show in early June.
Lew Curtis and I attend that show.
Great show. The hospitality was outstanding.
Will try to post a few more pictures uncommon headstamps that i picked up at that show.

Have appended below a photograph of an inert .297/.230 Morris Long.

My first impression was that the rim thickness looked somewhat different, but; I could easily be wrong.


Hi Bob,
The 5.6 looks Czech, but the M looks more like an X in circle. Can you take another pic of it?

Dan6%20M 9x23%20M

Another photo. M in Circle

Thanks Bob,
That looks more like it!