297/230 Morris long by Hirtenberger

I show pic from this ammo (headstamp and sideview) H and 3 Stars

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Very neat Peter
One new to me. Do you have an extra you would part with?
I have two other Longs not British made & one by F. Joyce shown below. My others are Kynoch (K) headstamped & a good number are unheadstamped. But none are marked by Eley.
Which makes me wonder does anyone have an Eley headstamped example?
%20Joyce 297%3A230%20M%20long%20by 297%3A230%20morris%20l%20by%20Roth

I have round with headstamp “297/230”:

I don’t know the manufacturer.

Luger, I would attribute that to Kynoch. or perhaps Birmingham Metal & Munition Co., but definitely British.

Is it on a Morris short or Long Modell??


Morris Long

Made by RWS.

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thanks Fede, good to pin this down.

Why were two different lengths made? (This is the shortest post you’ll ever see from me!)

They were used in the Morris adapter tube, which was used for indoor and outdoor shooting so probably because of the range distance.

So, I gather that the powder charges were different|?

Can’t say I’ve ever seen published charge weights.


From the catalogue :- Musketry By Graham & Latham who took over Morris.


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Nice Mike, & ta. Interesting just the extra neck area could increase the charge that much.


Just out of interest 1904 Eley loading, found while looking for something else. They loaded it that bit lighter!


Smokeless loads are listed in Hoyem and Fleming books as follows.
Short: 1.0 grains NC. 1.75 grains S/RN in Fleming.
Short: 1.75 grains RN in Hoyem.

Long : 2.5 grains NC. 2.75 grains CN in Fleming.
Long: 2.75 grains CN in Hoyem.

NC is nitro cellulose. RN is revolver Neonite. CN is Cadet Neonite.
Just interesting comparisons of printed data on the smokeless loadings.
I have fired both cases in BP and smokeless. Just like a .22 rimfire.

ta, Mike & Ron3350
has anyone seen a Eley headstamp on one?
I’ve seen an empty Eley box, but no headstamped examples.

I have no references to any ELEY headstamped rounds short or long.
All were plain bases as were some Kynoch ones.
I only have this empty ELEY box. They seem scarce.
The load is 5 grains powder and 35 grain bullet (on side label).

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Great packet Ron, thanks. The one i saw. No other information on the packet.

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A couple more packets, but not the Long version.