.297 Rimfire


I have a .297 Rimfire, no headstamp, with a dished base. The bullet is the normal profile, not tapered like the .310 Dish Base. Was this made by Eley Bros., Lmt.? If not, does anyone know who did make it.

I also have a .297 Rimfire with the raised headstamp “EPREUVE . – LIEGE”. I assume this is a proof round made by or for the Liege Proof House, Belgium. Did Belgium make normal .297 Rimfire?

Did Kynoch or anyone else make the .297 Rimfire besides Eley Bros., Lmt.


Ron’ I can’t answer your question except to say if it was made by eley the chances were strong that it would be headstamped.
Around that time Belgium was the source for a wide range of low budget guns into the UK. mostly mail order guns and the suppliers would also sell the ammunition as part of the deal. My inclinantion is to say if its not headstamped the chances are most probably it was Belgian. Given your location I would say it probably came though Canada via one of the UK mail order houses of which there were many at that time.


Vince–Yes, I have three other .297 Rimfire, each with a different “E” headstamp. I also have a regular (NOT proof) with a flat head and no headstamp.