.298 (Westley Richards) Minex Rook cartridge

Does anyone have any cases with markings, as opposed to simply blank case head? Especially if they want to sell them, for inclusion with my 298 Minex. I currently use re-formed Starline 32-20 brass & bullets from an Accurate Moulds mould.

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I do not even know what that cartridge is, but…

Dude, that is one pretty rifle!!!
By chance, is the back of the receiver d/t for a receiver sight?

Jealous, I am!


Taken from:


No, it is not D&T for a receiver sight. I’m quite glad it is not for a couple of reasons; 1) I detest receiver peep sights, as all I see is a blurry hole in a blurry black circle. The barrel sights, which are essentially a miniature version of those on the military large frame Martini-Henry are good enough that with my old eyes, I can still put 10 shots in a ~3" group at 50 yds. Good enough for ground-hogs, raccoons, squirrels (at least at 25 yds.) and 2) they interfere with the web of my thumb when I shoulder the stock.

Yes, I know. I have an original Westley Richards catalogue showing my rifle, or rather I should say my wife’s rifle, as I only get to cast & load for it, as she’s appropriated it for shooting.

These little girls are quite exciting and addictive. Since I bought this one a dozen or so years ago, I’ve bought a sweet little octagon-barrelled Francotte-Patent Robert Hughes & Sons in 5.6x35R (.22 W.C.F.) & a cased W.W.Greener take-down in .218 Mashburn, .310 Greener & .310 Cadet (3 barrel set).



These are the bullets I’ve designed for it (the lighter one is the one liked by my wife, which I load to pretty well duplicate the .300/.295 Rook, while the heavier is the same weight as the original, but designed with a large meplat for hunting.

I have only seen the plain no headstamp .298 Minex cartridge.

Boxes are also scarce. I have these two. Same box in Aug 6 thread.
The typed label looks earlier with staples but may not be a factory label?

NICE Kynoch box Ron

Jim, does your octagon-barrelled Francotte-Patent Robert Hughes & Sons, .22 W.C.F., look anything like this?
A lightweight .22 WCF with the only ID I can identify “M/71” on the barrel.


Nope, it looks exactly like this:

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