29mm Spigot Mortar markings

I have acquired a mint 29mm spigot mortar tail and drum fin for the 14lb practice in mint condition, fired with a smashed head with the collar in place. Looks like a Home Guard pick up just after it had been fired and kept as a souvenir. Never seen one in such condition as they are rusty relics. The drum fin is marked PTS/42 the tail is also marked with a transfer decal in an oval PTS and metal stamped JAP 3 42. Tried to find the markings in the manufactures codes book by Skenneton but can’t find anything relating.Can anyone help.

As a guess, JAP might be J.A.Prestwich, the engine manufacturing company famous for motorcycle engines and petrol stationary engines.
During WW2 they also manufactured aircraft parts and fuses.

J.A.P. is indeed, as above - J. A. Prestwich & Co., Ltd., of Northumberland Park, Tottenham, London. N17.

P.T.S. - Redbrook Tinplate Co., Ltd., Pontnewydd (Newbridge), Monmouthshire.

I looked up Redbrook Tinplate Co but can’t see where P.T.S relate.

It’s not unusual for a monogram to have no apparent relation to its company. You will have seen Redbrook went through numerous incarnations, I suspect the explanation is contained therein.

Did Redbrook make other munitions and ordnance parts marked P.T.S. other than Spigot tail fins

P.I.A.T. Tail units.

On further investigation P.T.S. is Pontnewydd Tin Stamping Co., Ltd. However, -
“Tynewydd tinplate works was founded in 1874 next to Pontnewydd railway station by Batchelor and Co (or Charles Roberts). It passed through a number of owners before becoming part of the Redbrook Tinplate Co. of Monmouth. In 1904 a subsidiary, the Pontnewydd Tin Stamping Co. opened a tin box factory immediately to the North of the tinplate works and sharing offices, later becoming part of Linpac. The tinplate works closed in c.1961 but the stamping factory seems to have carried on until c.1966. The site has been cleared and has been re-used for light industry.” (http://industrialgwent.co.uk/a21-cwmbran/index.htm)

Thus P.T.S - Redbrook Tinplate Co., Pontnewydd, Monmouthshire.

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