2mm Rimfire?

Is the round on the right a 2mm rimfire or a “trick” round like the .11 Whazit.

Is there such a thing as a 2mm rimfire ?

The 2mm Rimfire is real and come in 3 case lengths. It can be found in both bulleted rounds as well as blanks. They were made for what were called “Watch Charm” pistols. They were just a novelty, but were available from Stoeger’ “Shooters Bible” in the late 1950’s to the early 1960’s. I have seen both a small one inch long pistol to a 4 inch musket.I believe they were made in Germany. They were also made in 2mm Pinfire.

Here is a scan of a selection of 2mm Rimfire, bulleted and blanks and the pinfire blanks. That HUGE cartridge on the left is a 2.7mm Kolibri.

Thanks, you’ve also answered my next question which was going to be about a tiny pinfire blank.

Unfortunately I don’t have a 2mm rimfire revolver but here is a picture of my 2mm pinfire along side a 22 long rifle. It can be used as a key chain, cufflink or tie holder.


Can it shoot actual bulleted rounds or just blanks?

This one only shoots blanks. I’ve never seen a loaded 2mm pinfire. Does anyone know if such a round exists?


In the 2mm Pinfire, blanks are all I have ever seen also. The little 2mm rimfire pistol I saw did shoot bullets, but at 6 inches you could barely feel it hit your hand. At 2 inches it might be good for dispatching an overly aggresive cockroach

I take it the bullet firing 2mm Pistol was smooth bore. Did it fire a round ball (No.8 shot or similar) or a bullet?

I have read that the larger 2.7mm and 3mm Kolibri rounds were dangerous at a few feet. How powerful are those rounds?

Falcon–The 2mm Rimfire uses a small bullet that is NOT a round ball. Yes, the pistol was a smoothbore.

As for the 2.7mm and 3mm Kolibri, they were originally sold as a Ladies Self-Defense pistol. It is my understanding that several German Officers in WW-II used them to kill themselves by placing the gun directly on the temple area when captured, especially the “Improved” 3mm. This information comes from my Father who took a 3mm Kolibri out of the hand of a German Colonel right after he killed himself. Unfortunatly for me, my Father sold the pistol to another buddy and did not bring it home.