2nd Amendment Ammunition

A new box and headstamp by 2nd Amendment Ammunition (2nd AMEND. 45 ACP).

It’s interesting that the .45 ACP cartridges were packed in a box marked .38 Special.

I see on their website that they also show 9mm, .380acp, and .40S&W headstamps. They have no online checkout option though, and just refer potential buyers to a list of retailers. I haven’t been able to find any retailer with online inventory of this yet, and if I did, I would be sure to call and ask if the ammo in the box had the headstamp, since I assume this company might have used commercial brass such as Starline or JAG in the past.

Saw this company at the shot show two years ago, but didn’t see them last year. I looked.

The owner Joseph Anziano kindly gave me a .45 without a primer & this headstamp. I got the impression from our brief conversation that this was the only headstamp ever used, as it was a brand new company at that time.

The company address listed on his card is in California.

Here is a better look at 3 of the headstamps. I still can’t find the .45acp for retail sale anywhere online, and the manufacturer has no online sales or links to online sellers, which is baffling in this day & age for a producer of that size.

The place I found them is here by the way:

Was at the big SAR show in Phoenix today & saw some 40 S&W on one table. All I saw at the (very big) show.

I also see they will be at the Shot Show in L.V. this year.

To help complete the series.