2rd. Edition of Ammo Encyclopedia is Now Available


The 2rd. Edition of Ammo Encyclopedia is now available. The first Edition had 791 pages this (so called) new improved addition has 840 (8&1/4"x10&7/8") pages.
Like the first Edition I am sure there are many errors, as any 840 page book will have errors.
This listing is meant to tell you of the availability of the new edition, not to confirm how good the book is, or start a discussion on how bad it is or is not.
As I will only use it with 100’s of other books for reference only, I have no idea how good it will be and I am not really interested getting into a discussion on the matter. I do however enjoy the diagrams, with the measurements; which make it easier to ID older calibers, that have no information on their head stamp…
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Thank you,
Dave Call
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