2x.303 for id please

I have two .303 rounds for id please they have common headstamps, but why does one have a punch mark (looks like machine made) and the other head has a recess on it? thanks for any help…paul.

The recessed head looks like a manufacturing glitch. I have several auto pistol rounds with similar mutations of the head, some to the point of being rimmed cartridges. One from FN came out of a full box of otherwise normal 9 mm indicating it was not some sort of experimental or “improvised munitions” for a revolver. Am no longer into .303, but I had a round in my collection with the same headstamp as yours, and the head was perfectly normal for a .303. Regardless, this is simply a guess on my part. I do not know at what stage in the drawing process an error like this would incur.

thanks for that John, I just had a look at some others in the collection, but I do not have a K1939 or K1941 to see if the position of the stamp is the same. On most of the other rounds I have, the headstamp are more to the outer edge than the K1940 stamp.