3,0 mm CETME


These spanish cartridge projects of 3 mm caliber were designed by CETME around 1972 and its development was related to the 4 x 27 mm CETME cartridge finally produced and known by collectors. There are also six different drawings of 4 mm cartridge projects. None of these gone beyond the drawing board.

3,0 mm CETME C-801 (3 x 24 mm) and 3,0 mm CETME C-811 (3 x 29 mm).


Interesting, thanks for posting them.

They would have had a major capillary problem if those barrels got water in them!


The Drawings are exceptional, but what were the case body dimensions??? about the size of a .30 carbine or even smaller case ( elongated .32ACP body size? or smaller? The Shoulder diameter is in the 6,5 mm range ( .256) but the base sould be about 7mm (.276)…quite small.

And were the Projectiles swaged from solid copper/brass, or lead filled Jackets? The “Cobre” (“copper”) seems to indicate a solid bullet.

No wonder it only got to the drawing stage…the tooling problems for cartridge making would have been many and varied, and the Loading of a suitable powder, and v.small primer also problematical.

It would require either a very high volume of fire ("shotgun effect"0 or very close-up use (ie, PDW) or both, to be effective against Human targets… maybe a good giant cockroach eliminator…or “Maus” Gun!!!

Thanks for the information. There have been some Cal.13 and Cal…14 calibre cartridges developed by Wildcatters in the USA over the years, but they too are rare.

Doc AV


Hello Doc AV,

These 3 mm cartridges have a 7,00-7,10 mm head/rim diameter which is the same as the 4 x 27 mm CETME case.

All CETME projectiles designated “C-” are of solid copper construction (C = Cobre).