3" 50 Cal MK7 Naval case markings

This morning at a flea market I found a 3" 50 Cal MK7 case made in 1944.

The headstamp markings read:

[color=#FFFFFF]-------[/color]3IN MK.7
LOT 8 [Anchor] W.E.M.

The primer has the following markings:

7 54
LOT 187M

There are also some ink stampings on the case head that read:

SPD 10594

What do the “E.K.” and “W.E.M.” Stamps stand for?

Am I correct that the primer is dated 1954, which means that the case was reloaded in 1954?

The side of the case also had the words “ELECTRIC PRIMER” ink stamped onto it.

Thanks for any info.


EK is the current symbol for Eastman Kodak. During WW II and the KW, a subsidary of EK manufactured explosives and, I think, large caliber ammunition. That may be what you have.

I have a complete 3"/50 cartridge that I restored, with the same markings.

But, I’m probabaly 100% off base, so let’s say it’s a SWAG instead of a fact.