3"/50 projectile help

A friend would like some information about this.
On the rotating band it is stamped “C O F A” can anyone explain that?
He would also be interested in any other information & is aware it’s an AP w/ Tracer & Navy
Paint on the shell: “3” 50 A.P. MK. 29-4-EMPTY FITTED WITH MK.4 TRACER WHITE F.M.11-42"
The base: “3” A.P. MK 29 M OD 1 WT 12-82”
The band: “LOT 2-42 MK 29 3# AP - MOD 1CS COFA U⚓S U⚓S HDB U⚓S"

20181108_154120 20181108_154333

Thanks Brian, big help.

Any thoughts on the COFA stamp, anyone?

Pete, the manufacturer is Crucible Steel Company of America (CSCOFA) and was loaded at the U. S. Naval Ammunition Depot, Fort Mifflin (F.M.).



Thank you very much, Fede