3.5mm rimless Schirneker, 45 ACP MMC -- WAS: A couple more to ID

R-P commercial headstamp

no markings, CT small diameter plastic, steel case head

What is the caliber of the first one? It was loaded by Personal Protection Systems, Ltd.

The second is a Schirneker experimental.


thanks for both

The .45 Auto load is designated “.45 MMC” (Maximum Major Caliber).

Thanks. That helped me find this link

A couple of more images of Schirneker


Disregard following photo as Shirneker, leaving for reference

Seeing all these and having all those other ones in mind Gyrojet (Harrie) has shown I wonder if the Schirnecker developments would not make a great subject for a book or lengthy article.
Or is there something already and I missed it?

I think your lower photo is of ARES rnds. by Winchester / Olin not Schrirneker

edited to correct spelling, thanks Fede

I can also add that the correct name of the designer is “Schirneker”, not “Schirnecker”.

This is a 9mm Luger MAP package. It is the same for the 45 ACP. There is also a copy of the letter from inside the clear plastic cartridge container.

A couple more pictures.


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