3.6x53mmR/K SAKO Cartridge. What is the story behind this cartridge? (6.3x53R/K box with a typographic error)

On the Facebook group Cartridge and Ordnance Curio & Relic Collectors member Samuele Moroni posted a photo of some SAKO boxes for cartridges derived from the 7.62x54mmR (7x53R, 7x54L, 8.2x53R, 9.3x54R) but one stands out as an oddball, the 3.6x53R/K box. Moroni’s photo of the boxes is shown below:

The box in question is in the blue rectangle on the left.
Photo slightly enlarged:

I know very little about these rounds (not my area of collecting but I’m always intrigued by unknown cartridges) and I know nothing on the 3.6mm round so can anyone shed some light on this cartridge? What is the meaning of “K” in 3.6x53R/K?


Hi Brian, this is a nice 6.3x53R box with a typographic error (should be “6,3 x 53 R/K”). “K” stand for Kokovaippa / Kokovaippainen (full metal jacket).




Well that makes a big difference!

Thanks for figuring out the printing typo on the box.


Hi…and a second info…

The mentioned 7x54 is not based on 7,62x53R, but on 6,5x55…
See here:


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