3.7 AA shell dimensions required

Does anyone have dimensioned drawings of either the HE or shot shells used in the 3.7" AA gun"?

Sorry, no detailed drawings, but you may wish to note that the 3.7 inch Mk VI fired far more powerful ammunition than the usual mobile Mks I-III, with different driving bands on the projectiles.

Thanks Tony, I wasn’t aware of that.

The Mk VI Probert wasn’t used in Australia that I’m aware of.
I collect 3.7" AA stuff and I’ve never seen any dimensioned drawings for either shell.
Better off getting a lend of original shells and taking detailed dimensions.

Thanks Graham - good to know. I’ve not been able to find anyone here with one.

Are you wanting to make a replica shell?

Yes - was going to 3D print one.

You could buy a resin replica HE shell from Milcorem in France. 90 Euro and you get a replica 199 fuze as well. But unfortunately post to Australia (3kg) is 62.90 Euro. Together this puts the price to around $250 AUD! (1 Euro = 1.6 $AUD).
# obus de plus de 90mm - Site de milcorem !

Or I could take some basic measurements from one of my shells (HE or AP-T) for you - but you may need to estimate the ogive radius, and the driveband is fairly complicated also.

Have you got a 199, 207, or 208 fuze for it?


Thanks Graham but that is a little too much when I have a 3D printer sitting at home. I have a 199 fuse, so can match the threads. I have seen a number of side view pictures and if I can get an accurate diameter immediately below the drive band, I can then scale the image accordingly and base the drawing from that. I just have to remember where I saw a nice cutaway image.

If you were able to measure the diameter of the HE for me and take a photo of any markings, that would be greatly appreciated. I’ll PM you with my email address.