3.7cm Revolverkanone WW1 Trench Photo Showing Ammunition & Crate

Photo on Flickr webpage of “drakegoodman” of WW1 German troops in the trench with a 3.7cm Revolverkanone and ammunition

Webpage: http://www.flickr.com/photos/drakegoodman/45772683042/

On the webpage click on the download arrow tab, lower right to select and view a larger image.


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Brian thanks!
Same here with 37x57R Austrian trench gun M15:

Is the 3.7 Rk. The same as the Hotchkiss late 1880s 37mm Revolving Gun used both on land ( by US in Cuba, 1898) and on many Naval vessels around the world…mostly on Torpedo Boat Destroyers ( a TB was a Mine Layer). The photo looks very similar, as do the shells.
Doc AV

I remember checking the breech of a Skoda made mountain gun. I realised is was for the 37x57R which I did not have a cartridge for at that time. The weapon was captured WW1 and in the ownership of a homestead within 100km of Ballarat, Victoria ,Australia.
Our local gun show had permission to show the gun at our annual show some 20 years ago. Two folding trailing arms and a dropping breech. Nice item to see.
It was not a revolver cannon but worthy of mention for a cartridge collector.

Doc, all the “normal” 37mm guns of that time used the 37x94R “Hotchkiss” caliber.

An exception was the Austrian M15 in 37x57R and the German 37x102SR Sockelflak.