3-in-1 question


On the left is a Dutch aluminium round. My bullet is gone. Was it paper or wood?
In the middle is a .303 round. Is it South African?
On the right is a .303 round. Is it Kynoch?


#1 I think it’s a green wood bullet.
#2 AI is Dutch.
#3 Yes, Kynoch.


The bullet used iin #1 was a hollow dark blue wood bullet, not green. Jon, it does have a green primer annulus. Perhaps that is where you were confused. I have the loaded round in my collection.


Is yours a .30-06? I think I was picturing a .30 Carb.


Jon–The only .30 Carbine I have with a green wood bullet is a F N 55 with a brass case. My NWM .30 58 aluminium case blank in .30 Carbine has a rose crimp, not a wood bullet. I’m pretty sure the pictured headstamp is a .30-06. If it is, then the wood bullet would be dark blue.


Sorry, guys, it is .30-06 in the picture above.